WalletNation.com is now offering Authentic Timberland Wallets

CuffCrazy.com is well known for its thousands of cufflink styles that add the perfect finishing touch to an outfit. We provide our customers with the highest quality service and products around. We have taken the same business philosophy we used with Cuff Crazy and used it on WalletNation.com to provide our customers with the largest variety of designer wallets on the web.

WalletNation.com offers the highest quality collect of wallets around this includes brands like Timberland, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger and much more. If the wallet you have right now is starting to fall apart jeopardizing your personal credentials are authentic Timberland wallets are definitely worth checking out. Timberland Inc. has been around since 1918 and has served millions of happy customers.

Timberland bifold wallets come in a variety of colors from black brown even tan. If you are in the need of a slim and slender wallet that can fit snug in your pocket this is definitely the wallet for you! These Timberland bifold wallets are designed to remove that bulging affect in your pocket so that you move around comfortably without discomfort.

This is part of our Timberland Bifold Wallet Collection

Timberland Bifold Wallet

Our Timberland card case wallets are a fusion between a money clip and a wallet.  If you are in the market to try something different and love both the functionality of a money clip and a card holder is an option to consider. These Timberland card case wallets are built with genuine leather and are designed to keep all of your personal cards snug and secure when placed inside your pocket.

This is part of our Timberland Flip Card Case Wallet Collection

Timberland Flip Card Case Wallet

The Timberland front pocket wallets give people the option to access your most important personal IDs on the fly. If you are one of those people that frequently go somewhere like the gym or shopping then these card case wallets give you that on the fly functionality. These Timberland front pocket wallets give you the ability to slide those important cards out with just a push of a thumb.

This is part of our Timberland Front Pocket Wallet Collection

Timberland Front Pocket Wallet

Another good option that WalletNation offers is Timberland trifold wallets. These trifold wallets give you the option to hold a lot of cards within one location. If you are one of those people that carry a lot of business cards with you this is definitely something worth checking out.

This is part of our Timberland Trifold Wallet Collection

Timberland Trifold Wallet

All of these wallets are also eligible for free shipping and handling if purchase exceeds $30. Check out www.WalletNation.com you will not be disappointed. Always placing the customer first and looking for new exciting brands to provide you, no wonder why WalletNation.com is the leader when it comes to online wallet sales!

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USB Cufflinks: Storage in Style

Technology has infiltrated every market and now cufflinks are no exception.

Enter the newest addition to CuffCrazy’s family, 4GB USB Flash Drive Cufflinks. Our sleek USB memory stick cufflinks will have you prepared for any occasion. Presentations will be forever revolutionized when you face your colleagues and break these bad boys out from your freshly iron sleeves. With these innovative storage devices you won’t have to waste time searching for a misplaced flash drive. Professors and classmates alike will marvel at your modern use of technology.

Our unique USB flash drive cufflinks have a beautifully classic, polished silver look with rhodium plating to preserve its shiny luster and durability. Each cufflink provides 2 GB of memory storage for a whopping total of 4 GB per pair.

Share your most cherished and amusing memories as family and loved ones gather during birthdays, graduations and, of course, the holidays! Never worry about leaving your most important pictures and documents at home again with CuffCrazy’s new functional 4GB USB Flash Drive Cufflinks.

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Going Modern with Inox Stainless Steel Cufflinks

Originally developed as a metal used for industrial items like railways and ship tankers, stainless steel has a long history in the creation of strong durable products. Because of its durability, stainless steel has been seen by jewelers as a valuable metal to create everlasting jewelry.  Since the creation of the first stainless steel watch in 1847 the metal has become a mainstay in the creation of new precious objects and stylish trends.

In this same vein, Inox Jewelry has displayed a mastery of creating stainless steel cufflinks with unique designs that are inspired by neo-heraldic/modern tribal artwork. Named after the French translation of stainless steel, Inox Jewelry has been able to manipulate the shape and size of stainless steel to create cufflinks that give their wearer a pair of cufflinks that is a mix normal classic and modern cufflinks. From fantastic Holographic Skull Cufflinks to wicked Gothic Cross Cufflinks, Inox Jewelry has created a collection of cufflinks that uses the everlasting durability of stainless steel, and taken it to the next level.

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Tumi Cufflinks: Classic and Elegant

Tumi, well known for high-end luggage and wallets is quietly expanding its product offering.   The brand is most synonymous with stylish, tough & finely built travel accessories. That same attention to detail has been put into Tumi’s new line of cufflinks.  These cufflinks are perfect for the well-dressed business professional or the stylish casual cufflink enthusiast.  Made from the finest materials and packaged in the standard black Tumi presentation box, these cufflinks are a notch above most others.

Tumi cufflinks come in a half dozen styles with our favorite three being:  The Silver Labyrinth, Threaded Button and Enamel Rivet. The silver labyrinth cufflinks feature an etched labyrinth layout similar to the familiar archetype style Tumi wallet. The Tumi threaded button cufflinks are inspired by a classic shirt button and made with red or black leather thread. Last, but certainly not least are the Enamel Rivet Tumi cufflinks, designed with small rivets in the center with a black or red frame.  Every pair of Tumi cufflinks is crafted with the highest attention to detail making them the perfect accessory to upgrade your outfit.

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Introducing Stadium and Ballpark Authentic Wood Seat Cufflink

Wear a piece of sports history on your sleeve!  Cuffcrazy.com is proud to introduce the new Stadium and Ballpark Collection Cufflinks, celebrating the most iconic sports stadiums in the country.  Every pair of cufflinks in the Stadium and Ballpark collection uses authentic wood from seats in the most iconic stadiums ever built.  These cufflinks are hand-crafted and assembled in the USA.  Each wood piece is set in a recessed home plate cufflink setting for a unique baseball finish.  Every pair includes a Certificate of Authenticity with photographic provenance of the seats wood and a set of tamper proof serial numbered hologram’s for even more proof of authenticity.

The Stadium & Ballpark cufflink collection includes links from:

Yankee Stadium

Comiskey Park

The Big House

Notre Dame Stadium

Lambeau Field

Busch Stadium

Shea Stadium

Fenway Park

Tiger Stadium

If you are sports fan these are pairs of cufflinks that you do not want to miss owning as part of your collection or first pair of cufflinks. You will be the jealousy of all your friends at your next business event or wedding when showing up with one of these historic pairs of cufflinks.

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Joining The Great Foodie Revolution!

The search for the perfect bite or place to eat is a pastime enjoyed by more and more people who have come to be known as Foodies. Thanks to websites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Urban Spoon and the rise of the Food Network, we are seeing more and more restaurants with great food and service become recognized and popularized. There is a really great food revolution going on at the moment with food bloggers promoting the revolution through the use of mobile phone cameras and internet blogs.

In the search for the perfect restaurants, why not show your pride as a Foodie with a great pair of cufflinks? If you are going out to grab a bite too, why not show your love for food with a pair of food cufflinks.

Now you can show your pride as a Foodie with one of our food and beverage inspired cufflinks.  Ranging from the classic sports bar inspired Beer and Pretzel Cufflinks, Sushi cufflinks and sophisticated Martini Cufflinks there is a food cufflink, there is a cufflink in our collection for every type of meal out there. Show your pride as Foodie with one of our slick pair of food cufflinks the next night you go out into the town with your family and friends.

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Steampunk Cufflinks: Joining the Movement

Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy featuring technology powered by steampower of the 19th century. On a much broader sense, Steampunk has a definition that is hard to place on this genre. During a recent interview with Mechanical Masquerade Dr. Q, the founder of the premier Steampunk collective known as Artifice Club, said:

“I think both as an aesthetic and a subculture, [Steampunk] is a growing cultural movement. Since it has no set rules, and it has no formal structure — what you can or cannot do — it’s at this wonderful, all-encompassing crossroads.”

As something that does not have any set rules in how the world can be created through the Steampunk aesthetic, we have seen various movies and literature use Steampunk in some way. From Hayao Miyazaki’s anime masterpiece “Howl’s Moving Castle” to Philip Pullman’s legendary “His Dark Materials” book trilogy, Steampunk is something that is greatly tied into our imagination.

Staying true the endless creations Steampunk offers, Cuffcrazy.com carries three different Steampunk cufflinks. Inspired by the movies and art that portray this fantasy, each pair of our Steampunk cufflinks will feature slight differences from one another.  Even with three different types of Steampunk cufflinks,there is  an endless collection of cufflinks as no one pair will truly look alike giving each wearer a unique pair of cufflinks all their own.

With such a strong community, the Steampunk movement is something that is truly great to be a part of and you can join it with one of our unique pair of Steampunk cufflinks.

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Wurkin Stiffs Keeps You Wurkin With a Stiff Collar

No matter how great a shirt may be, it will not make a great impression if the collar does not stay in place. A sloppy collar could ruin your entire outfit and just might cause you to look ridiculous at a business event. But instead of complaining about how to keep your collar in place embrace the perfect solution to your problems with a Wurkin Stiffs Magnetic Collar Stay.

As the latest addition to our growing collection of men’s professional accessories these amazing collar stays can be used to bring life back to any shirt. What is different about the Wurkin Stiffs Collar Stay from the typical collar stays is the magnetic power button include with each set. The magnetic power button locks the collar stays on the shirt, giving your collar a new appearance every time.

Each collar stays is made from high-tech alloy that allows it to be washable and highly resistant to corrosion. Combined with the versatility the powerful mini-magnet power buttons provide these collar stays will transform your shirt into something that even George Clooney and Brad Pitt would be jealous of.

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11/11/11 Brings Thousands to the Altar wearing Cufflinks

The date 11-11-11 it is the perfect time to have a special celebration, and there is no bigger celebration than having a wedding. Since this date only comes around once every 100 years, a record number of Americans rush to the wedding chapel to celebrate.

According to a recent article on MSNBC & TheKnot.com “the number of registered weddings for each Friday in November runs between 1,500 and  1,900, except for Nov. 11, 2011 when the number of weddings skyrocketed to be an estimated 24,000.”  In Cuffcrazy.com’s hometown of Las Vegas, NV it was reported that nearly every wedding chapel in town had to triple its staff to meet the increased demand.

To go along with such a special date, thousands who got married accented their tuxedos with plenty of fashion accessories including tie bars and cufflinks. For the groom and his groomsmen there is not a more classic men’s accessory to wear during a wedding than a cufflinks and stud set.  Some of course kept the mood light with a fun set of novelty cufflinks or functional cufflinks.   Regardless of the cufflinks worn these thousands of couples that got married will always remember this special day in their lives in which they celebrated 11-11-11.   Congrats all you newlyweds!

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Baade II Cufflinks: Handmade in the USA!

For over two decades Baade II has crafted some of the finest sterling silver and precious stone cufflinks you will find. Starting as a family owned jewelry maker based in Atlantic City, NJ Baade II has continued to emphasize the philosophy that size does not matter, detail does. From animal cufflinks to tuxedo cufflink and stud sets Baade II has designed some of the most unique set of hand-made cufflinks using their Vitreous hand-enameled style of creating cufflinks. The Vitrous style uses cloisonné and champlevé techniques using sterling silver material, which are hailed as America’s finest hand-made artisan designs.

Not only are Baade II cufflinks wonderfully handcrafted in U.S. but they are also all limited edition. Due to this exclusivity, the prices range from $150-$900 per pair are not easy to find in a jewelry or department stores. Now you can buy these exclusive and limited edition cufflinks at Cuffcrazy.  From very cool animal cufflinks that include various types of dogs cufflinks, frog cufflinks and a dragon head cufflinks to formal tuxedo sets Baade II cufflinks feature unique designs with the attention to detail that is just breathtaking.

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